Becoming a Haskell developer

YhcIf you like programming languages and compiler and have a few free time in your hands, please take a look at this roadmap to become a YHC developer. The York Haskell Compiler is a relatively new effort to write a, well, Haskell Compiler. Its development team looks all but newbie-friendly, and the job is one of the most interesting (if a bit underpaid) i’ve found lately. Right now, the YHC seems to be under (heavy, one would say) development. It’s based on nhc98, but already outperforms it (as well as the Hugs interpreter). Another interesting trait: it compiles to cross-plaftorm bytecode, runnable from a small runtime system (and there’s even a little surprise to all you pythonistas). This nice presentation (PDF) gives some further details on the system’s innards.

Definitely, worth a closer look.


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