Tim Daly on Lisp

Tim Daly, Axiom’s lead developer, has a couple of things to say about building large applications in Lisp and on picking a language:

Measure your OODA loop [observe, orient, decide and act loop] in all the languages you know. See which one cycles fastest. I’d bet that’s your favorite language.

I also happen to like the movies he recommends ;-)

4 Responses to “Tim Daly on Lisp”

  1. nd Says:

    What movies?

  2. Curt Sampson Says:

    Yup. The thing about the impedance mismatch resonates with me. I get a lot of people going on about Haskell’s “lack of libraries,” (even at my ICFP talk!), and nobody believes me when I say that you mostly don’t need them, and often when one would be useful, existing ones can be quite painful and expensive to use anyway.

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