Prolog programming contests

From a recent post over at comp.lang.prolog:

We are pleased to announce that the book ‘The First 10 Prolog Programming Contests’ can now be downloaded from here. This book contains the (slightly reworked) questions of the first 10 Prolog programming contests, together with an answer for each question. The solutions can also be downloaded from the above webpage.

Hardcopies of this book are still available, and can be obtained by sending an e-mail to bmd at cs dot kuleuven dot be.

Bart Demoen, Phuong-Lan Nguyen, Tom Schrijvers, Remko Troncon

And, just to whet your appetite, this is a quote from the book’s preface:

Programming is enormously fun. Fun was indeed our main motivation for starting the series of Prolog Programming Contests in 1994. Ask anybody who ever participated in a Prolog Programming Contest: they loved it! There is a thrill in trying to solve five problems in two hours, crammed in a small room filled with ten or more sweaty teams doing the same. And there is a great satisfaction, unmatched by any other daytime scheduled conference event, when the attempt is even partially successful.

A good place to get started in Prolog is the comp.lang.prolog FAQ. Or, for schemers, solving the problems using kanren (or even micro-kanren) sounds like a lot of fun.