Update We’ve moved the date of our first meeting to June 17th, so you’re still in time to join us! If you want to follow our adventures, you can also ask for an invitation to our mailing list.

The other day, Andy and I met Jos, an experienced schemer who lives near Barcelona, with the idea of having lunch, talking about Scheme, and create a Scheme Users Group. After a bit of discussion, we agreed on widen the group’s scope, and start what we’re calling Fringe Languages In Barcelona (FLIB). The plan is to conduct periodic meetings with a main presentation followed by some lightning talks (the latter were a complete success at ILC, and we’d like to try and see how they work for us), with as much discussion interleaved as we see fit. We’ll have some refreshments available and, since we’re meeting in the very center of the old city, visits to pubs or a restaurant for dinner and further socializing are to be expected.

As i said, we’re expecting much discussion about Scheme and Lisp, but we’re not ruling out by any means other fine languages. For instance, the talk for the inaugural session (scheduled June 10th17th, 7:30 pm) is entitled The implementation of FUEL, Factor’s Ultimate Emacs Library, and it will include a short introduction to Factor (yes, i am the victim speaker). Jos will come next, the same day, with a lightning talk about PLT Redex. We have free slots for more lighting talks: you are invited not only to come, but to give one if you’re so inclined. This being our first meeting, there will be also some time for logistics and organisation.

So, if you’re near here by then, by all means, come in and join the fun:

Calle del Pi 3 Principal Interior (first floor)

Not really needed, but if you’re thinking about coming, sending me a mail beforehand will help us to be sure that we’ve got enough food and drinks.

We’re looking forward to getting FLIB started, and we’re sure that at least grix more fringers are coming! Don’t miss it!


2 Responses to “flib”

  1. Jordi Delgado Says:

    Some hours ago I submitted a comment and it went… nowhere!

    Well, let’s try again.

    Thanks for taking the initiative, it is a great idea. I tried something similar like four years ago (http://tinyurl.com/r583vq) but with zero success. I really wish you much more luck.

    I have sort of a social engagement next June 10th, so I am not sure to be able to attend the meeting, but count on me for the next ones.

    These programmer’s reunions are a really good idea. We have a great time chatting of… well, whatever we chat. I have been attending the Barcelona Perl Mongers monthly meetings (http://barcelona.pm.org) for five years now and we have a Smalltalk workgroup at Citilab-CornellĂ , with weekly meetings (tuesday, 5:30 pm). We are very active, though our blog does not make this apparent (my fault). You can find us at http://smalltalk.cat/gts . Of course, if any of you want to show up, you will be very welcome.

    I will publicize FLIB events as much as I can. At least, the people of the Smalltalk group, the Barcelona Perl Mongers and my students at the Informatics School of Barcelona (FIB) will know they exist. By the way, I’ve been teaching a free elective course on Smalltalk in the Undergraduate Computer Science studies for one year now, with no vacancies left at the end of the inscription period. So, I guess there is some interest in these programming languages…

  2. Andy Wingo: in the beginning was the word | Full-Linux.com Says:

    […] invite all in the geographical vicinity to our first meeting on this Wednesday, 19 edit: 17 June. Jao has more details as to the first meeting, but in any case check out the new evil empire Google Group, […]

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