My first seven moths in Zürich have been packed with pleasant surprises. Among them, having the opportunity to meet two developers of two of my favourite lisps: Martin Gasbichler, of scsh‘s fame, and Juho Snellman, of sbcl‘s. I’ve already enjoyed several pleasant discussions with them (as well as with some co-workers interested in lisp), and it was only natural to go one step further and found the Zürich Scheme/Lisp Users Group.

The zslug will have its inaugural session next Monday 25th, 18:30 at The Lion. Besides beer (the raison d’etre of any users group), Juho will talk about the implementation of sb-cover, a code coverage tool for Common Lisp. If you happen to be in Zürich or whereabouts by then, just come in and join the fun!

Update: The actual address of The Lion is Oetenbachgasse 24. Hope to see you there!


5 Responses to “zslug”

  1. Hlod-Wig Says:

    Em queda una mica lluny.. podrieu grabar video i deixar online les xarles.. feu un canal a youtube …

    Ens veiem en poc ;)

  2. chopan Says:

    I believe Nathanael Schärli also works in Google. He was the guy who did the Traits work for Squeak.

  3. Joan Says:

    It seems that you are finally in the right place! I’m really very happy for you jao! Congrats and happy hacking!

  4. Juho Says:

    A small address update: the correct entrance to the Lion is actually on the other side of the block, at Oetenbachgasse 24. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope that everybody finds their way to the pub without any bigger trouble.

  5. Andy Wingo Says:

    The people demand more blogging! ;-)

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