Alan Kay Live

From the University of Pisa’s web site:

The University of Pisa is granting to Alan Curtis Kay a Honoris Causa Degree in Informatica for his contributions to the development of the personal computer and of object oriented programming.The ceremony will be held on June 15th, 2007 and it will be webcast live.

This page gives a bit more detail and, most importantly, contains links to the live webcast, which includes a Lection Doctoralis by Alan at 11:30 CET and an interview on the evening where he’ll talk about his recurrent themes (the yet-to-come computer revolution and computer education) and the OLPC project.

(If you read Italian, there’s a page on the motivations for the degree… not that there’s much need of it!)


2 Responses to “Alan Kay Live”

  1. gcorriga Says:

    From the motivations page:

    “Through more than 30 years of personal dedication of his vision and inspiring its refinements, Dr. Kay provided a dream to computer developers. He has thus given fundamental contributions to the extraordinary expansion of computer applications and to a deep mutation of the way to approach intellectual, creative, social and economical activities.”

  2. Mark Miller Says:

    Is the video of the speech on the web anywhere? I missed the live webcast.

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