Easter egg

After some years playing with other implementations, i’ve been using the PLT-Scheme suite assiduously during the last weeks (more on what for in future posts), and it’s becoming, slowly but surely, my default implementation. Eli Barzilay‘s extensions to make MzScheme play nice with Emacs were the trigger, but i must say that DrScheme’s macro stepper, debugger and syntax checker (all of which i had not seriously used before) are fine pieces of hackery. If you’re into scheme, you really should take a look at them. Another strong point of PLT scheme is its excellent documentation, which comes with a browser called HelpDesk. I use it all the time, and this morning it saluted me with an unexpected background:


Let me join the toast, and wish Shriram a happy birthday too! (and, while i’m at it, thanks also for your wonderful PLAI). It must be nice being a PLTer, mustn’t it?


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