The (poignant) sounds of Ruby

If i had to pick one of the mainstream so-called scripting languages, it would probably be Ruby, if only for Matz’s sympathy. Other reasons are its smalltalkish code blocks and iterators, schemish continuations, and pretty good integration with Cocoa and Applescript. Clever hacks like this tiny prolog implementation and innovative libraries like RSpec also help.

But i must confess that the main reason i would choose Ruby is that it has the most original and fun programming tutorial i’ve ever seen: the why’s (poignant) guide to Ruby. The guide’s author, why the lucky stiff, is (in her/his/its own words) “a fledgling freelance professor, one who will die young and make no lasting impression.” As for the guide itself, it’s full of color and cartoons, funky side-notes and sidebars with titles like Seven moments of Zen from my life. Other innovations include a Ruby Mini-dungeon Adventure and its latest and greatest: a soundtrack! In stiff’s own words:

What is the reason for a soundtrack?

  • Well, music is essential for utmost poignancy, is it not??
  • Because computer books should NOT. And so.
  • My clarinet needs a life too, let’s not forget.

With a song per chapter, the soundtrack is available for your hearing pleasure here.

Funniest thing i’ve seen since Lisperati. Pity i like other languages better ;-).

 Ruby I The.Foxes-6


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