My name’s jao, and i’m… i’m a programmer

Now, please somebody tell me that this is a (bad) joke, or a parody, or something. This person, excuse me, this developer, cannot be serious, or should i say, cannot possibly be so short-sighted, haughty and wrong. Unless… well, unless he’s Dilbert’s pointy hair boss. That would explain everything, including this other jewel in defense of MDD, which stands for, believe it or not, Meeting Driven Development. I promise! I’m not making this up! These pamphlets are awful in so many ways that i just can’t start criticizing them. I’ll just say that, Dilbertian parody or not, they’re a perfect illustration of what’s wrong in our profession, fellow programmers. And please, never ever keep a job that has stopped being fun. Users of your software (if not your managers) will be thankful.

As for the incredible MDD bit, fortunately, there’s still intelligent persons around. Pity they’re so hard to find.

Update: I’m told in the comments section that at least the MDD article is satire. As such, it’s excellent. I feel a bit silly, but relieved :-) .

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2 Responses to “My name’s jao, and i’m… i’m a programmer”

  1. engtech Says:

    MDD was satire. :)

    It was hard to tell if Programmers vs Developers was satire or a real analysis, I think it was both. Gems of truth masked by stereotyping and finger-pointing.

  2. jao Says:

    engtech, i hope it was! :) Taken as satire, both articles do an excellent job. I guess i should sleep a bit more.

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