Full of stars

Last january, Gna! Hotspot ran a very interesting interview with Étoilé’s main developers (David Chisnall, Jesse Ross, Nicolas Roard, Quentin Mathé and Yen-Ju Chen). These guys are not happy with current desktop environments, and have decided to build their own on top of GNUstep, which is in turn inspired by NeXT/OpenStep, the origin of Mac OS X. In fact, their peeves go far beyond the UI layer, and cover the whole Unix architecture (see, for instance, David’s Ten things I hate about Unix).

Instead of just complaining and telling everybody how his or her environment sucks, they have rolled up their sleeves and produced actual code: the Étoilé project is the umbrella for a series of libraries and frameworks aimed at fulfilling their vision.

The nice thing about Cocoa/GNUstep is that they are probably the only production-ready libraries written in a dynamic language, namely, Objective-C. Although it is not as good as Smalltalk (on which it is inspired) or any Lisp, Objective-C is a far, far better option than the usual C or C++ used by other mainstream toolkits. Of course, one could try to improve instead current support for really nice languages (see my Objective-C related posts), but an interesting way of doing that could be building on top of these projects. As mentioned in the interview, the Étoilé developers are all for dynamic languages, and, if you look carefully at their Making Computers Suck Less presentation, you’ll notice that they’re already planning support for Smalltalk or Ruby. Their proposed architecture is also interesting in other ways reminiscent of dynamic environments like Smalltalk’s or prototype based systems, including the everything (as in up to the user level) is a manipulable object idea, or orthogonal persistence.

The later release includes, among others, the following goodies:

  • Camaelon is a theme engine that goes a long way into disproving the GNUstep default ugliness.
  • LuceneKit is a class-to-class port of Lucene (a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library in Java) in GNUstep.
  • OgreKit is a port of the Cocoa regular expression engine of the same name.
  • SQLiteClient is a SQLClient/SQLite port from SQLClient library in GNUstep/devl-libs. It uses sqlite3 library and is supposed to work only on Mac OS X for portability of Etoile.
  • UnitKit is a unit test framework for Objective-C, again based on a Cocoa project.

All in all, a pretty interesting project. And, if you like reading about your fellow programmers toilings, don’t miss the Étoilé blog, where their developers give details about their daily efforts.

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3 Responses to “Full of stars”

  1. pmsalves Says:

    All the links related to etoile are down.

  2. new url Says:

    étoilé can be found here: http://etoileos.com/

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