On Lisp On Line and new PLAI

I’m sure i don’t need to comment or recommend Paul Graham’s On Lisp. Nor tell you that it’s available from the author’s site in PDF format. However, you may be (as i was) unaware that there’s an on line HTML version, complete with a search box and settable CSS. I also routinely install it in texinfo format, for easy reference inside Emacs.

On a related note, i’ve also recently updated my copy of Shriram Krishnamurthi‘s Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation, a wonderful book that Shriram uses in his Programming Languages course at Brown University. It covers almost every single interesting corner of PL-land, including interpreters, laziness, recursion, continuations, garbage collectors, type theory, declarative programming or macros. The book commences with an invitation:

I think the material in these pages is some of the most beautiful in all of human knowledge, and I hope any poverty of presentation here doesn’t detract from it. Enjoy!

Needless to say, poverty of presentation is hardly to be seen in this excellent work.

Happy reading.

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