Programming in Smalltalk for Spanish readers

Squeak, a World to LearnDiego Gómez Deck is finishing a new book entitled Programando con Smalltalk (Smalltalk Programming), which guides readers new to Smalltalk (but not to programming) into the use of the language and the Squeak environment. The book will be published under a CC license, and its drafts are available online. I just skimmed over the latest draft, but seems a very interesting reading (if you read Spanish, that is; translating Diego’s book to English would be an interesting project). Diego has already coauthored a previous Spanish Squeak book, which was published last year: just click the image of its nice cover for more info.

This book joins the uprising of Squeak’s popularity in Spain, driven by its being used by the local government of Extremadura as the platform for some of its projects. The last one consists of an interactive educational and reference tool that will let users of the Extremadura’s Regional Net to know more about a bunch of topics on physics, chemistry, biology, ecology or society, to name a few. Actually, the tender is still open, in case you feel like trying. Cees’ Blog provides the necessary info (this time in English), including some reasons to not really wasting the time applying.

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  1. srini Says:

    Though Smalltalk is not that popular these days, there is a new renaissance in Smalltalk development, thanks to Squeak. In the process of my learning I have collected some good sites (more than 200) related to Smalltalk and Squeak (lessons, tutorials and programming). If you are interested take a look at the below link.
    200 sites to know about smalltalk programming

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