NASA is looking for Squeakers

Want to work at NASA and program in Squeak? Then you may be interested in this
job offer:

A team at NASA Ames Research Center is looking for a system architect to help us design, develop, and deploy a component-based framework for building NASA mission control systems. This project is at a point where they need someone with serious chops to help translate the preliminary design and prototypes into a state-of-the-art yet practical and deployable system. The architect would be joining an up- and-running, 10+person team of engineers and designers. The design includes elements of user-level composition, model-driven user interfaces, dynamic assembly of components according to ontology- specified roles, distributed components, etc. etc. We are currently building a pilot in Java / Eclipse RCP, and a parallel testbed for user-experience exploration in Squeak (Smalltalk) (really). The resulting framework will be used by the various NASA centers (e.g. Ames, JPL, Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, etc) to build distributed, multi-mission systems for planning and executing a variety of NASA missions, including robotic (e.g. Mars rovers & deep- space probes) and manned (e.g. the new Moon/Mars exploration effort, including the Crew Exploration Vehicle currently being designed).Position is located in Mountain View, California, at NASA/Ames, a NASA research center. We can work with individuals on residency issues. Interested parties should send a resume to tshab at


Any taker?
Update: Cees de Groot has some additional info in his blog.

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