Pointers from Jocelyn Paine

I’ve found a message from Jocelyn Paine, the author of the AI Who’s Who that i recommended a few days ago, awaiting in my moderation queue. I think it deserves a post for its own, instead of a dark corner in the comments list. Here it is:

Since you liked my ‘rant’, may I point you at John Baez’s essay about overpriced science journals and how to fight them? I discovered it this morning. Baez is a superb mathematical physicist, and his site has lots of excellent exposition on physics, maths, and other topics – I took from it my September quote about the brain scan that suggests it’s not enjoyment that motivates fashion victims, but fear. I’d recommend his site to anyone who wants to know why they should learn category theory; or, as now, to anyone worried about keeping academic papers freely available.

I agree with Jocelyn’s opinions on overpriced journals, John Baez, and category theory, among many other issues. And, of course, the pointers above made for a quite interesting reading evening. Enjoy!.

Thank you, Jocelyn.

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