Conjure becomes verbose

Conjure48’s development is evolving at a slow but steady pace. We are already able, for instance, to compile C/C++ code, including dynamic libraries, both in GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. And a build script for s42 (getting rid of Scons in the process) is on the way.

Our latest addition is rotty’s logging package, which is not Conjure-specific and very interesting, in and by itself. Actually, this new logging facility is part of Spells, thus being portable to several Scheme implementations. Please, follow the link above for rotty’s detailed report.

As an aside, and just in case you’re wondering how on earth Spells, s42 and Conjure relate to each other, here’s a quick summary of the stuff we’re trying to release:

  • Spells is a portable set of Scheme libraries, compatible with several Scheme implementations: Scheme48, PLT Scheme, Guile and Gauche are our current targets. Spells includes lots of utilities, from regular expressions to an implementation of T’s object system, a document generation system or a unit testing framework. Of course, we’re not generating all that stuff from scratch, but frequently adapting existing libraries to Spells’ portability framework. You can get a feeling of Spells breadth in this draft API documentation.
  • s42 is a collection of scheme48 libraries and extensions. To boot, it includes all Spells modules, and then much more (for instance, spenet, and implementation of rotty’s network API proposal).
  • s42 serves as the basis to s48-worlds, a framework aimed at supporting distributed s48 package repositories (a little bit like PLT’s PLaneT).
  • Conjure uses Spells for portability, and is the build system for s42. In other Schemes, it will run as a standalone make replacement, without any dependency on s42.

As you can imagine, there’s lots of room for new developers by here, whatever your Scheme of choice is. If you want to join the fun, drop any of us a mail, or look for us at #conjure or #scheme in Freenode.

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2 Responses to “Conjure becomes verbose”

  1. nos Says:

    One thing I wondered about conjoure, does it automatically figure out dependencies from the C sources – in the case of building C programs ?
    That’s one of the things I like about scons – in the usual cases it peeks inside the source files and automatically figures out the dependencies recursivly..

  2. jao Says:

    nos, yes it does. Actually, it’s a feature that we have already implemented in conjure48.

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