Honestly, i’m a little bit surprised each time (and that means often) someone complains about Common Lisp not having libraries. In my experience, there’s lot of choice out there, and everytime i’ve looked for something, i’ve found it. Sometimes is beta, and others it needs some work, but hey, i like it when someone calls me a hacker.

And even more often i discover cool libraries that i don’t need but that is nice to have around and bookmark for the future. Like lemonodor’s CLAIM 1.2, recently updated and put into shape. CLAIM is an AIM CL library, and the new version supports the TOC2 AOL protocol (for a related lib supporting Jabber, see cl-xmlpp), and you can download CLAIM 1.2 from its project page, or you can ASDF-INSTALL it.

You can see it in action, on OS X, below:

? (gossip-bot:start-gossip-bot "mysuername" "mypassword")

claim gossip bot

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