I want one of those!

Nowadays, Lisp Machines are legendary stuff. People drool over LM porn, and for a good reason. Unfortunately, Lisp Machines are also something of the past, and those of us who weren’t in the right place some 30 years ago (or that weren’t at all) must content ourselves with photos and videos… mustn’t we? Well, as it turns out, there’s a gift waiting for you if you’re quick enough: Jainer Joswig is mentioning that 24 TI Explorer Lisp Machines are looking for good homes. You pay the transport, but the computers are free.

This is how they look like. I already wrote my email to Father Christmas!

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One Response to “I want one of those!”

  1. Rudy Appleby Says:

    I have an old Mac II Nubus, any way one of these is still around or a source for nubus Explorer?
    == Rudy

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