A real world switch from CVS to darcs

Benefits from a real world switch from CVS to darcs is an excellent review, by Mark Stosberg, of the strengths of Darcs as compared to CVS in the context of a real world project: a website, including about 40,000 lines of Perl code, with over 3,000 files stored in over 600 directories.



2 Responses to “A real world switch from CVS to darcs”

  1. dsnippert Says:


    I am a starting weblogger here on wordpress and was reading your log here. I was reading this article about switching off CVS. Maybe you can check SVN(Subversion). It’s a sort of improved version of CVS and I used it several times in school projects. Here’s a link you can consider: http://subversion.tigris.org/

    I enjoyed reading some articles on this log. my compliments. I am trying to translate also some articles of my in english, for now most of my weblog is in dutch language.


  2. jao Says:


    thanks for your comments. Yes, i know of SVN, and i don’t like it. IMHO, it just fixes some of the most obvious blunders of CVS, but adds nothing really new. Having a db-based backend makes me nervous (although i heard it has a file-system based one), and administering a shared server was a pain when i tried. But the most important drawback is it’s being based on a centralised model and not working at patch level (as darcs of GNU Arch). Definitely, not my cup of tea. (Again, i know there’s SVK on top of SVN, but i just prefer using a SCM which is distributed from the start.)

    That said, there’s one thing i really like about SVN: Trac… but not enough to switch :)

    Glad to know you liked some articles in the weblog, and good luck with yours!

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